This is a more serious post about the troubles that have hit my area.

Valley High School, a students perspective.

Last year was the beginning of 9th grade for me, and during the entirety of the school year rumors about the school, closing flew around. Nobody really believed it was going to happen until they started having the meetings discussing the closing of our school. At the end of the year, the board hosted a community meeting to where we could fight to keep our school open, needless to say, this didn't go as planned. Our community slammed them with facts, and compelling arguments and the board members didn't even have responses due to the fact that they "didn't know we would be asking questions." The board hasn't once stepped back and looked at how this will affect the kids who will have to transfer as the school is closing in just 2 years. For people like me, we can either drive an hour up a mountain or risk going to another county that doesn't want us. The problem with going up the mountain is the fact they have no busses to take us there, and snow during the winter would make the drive close to impossible. Not once during this whole ordeal has the board stopped to think about how this will affect us. We're about to start a new school year, and I have 3 guaranteed teachers out of the 8 I'm supposed to have due to the fact every teacher left before they would be stuck without a job in a couple of years. They shut us down because we had no math teachers, now we don't have any teachers. So congrats Fayette County Board Of Education, thank you for ruining the quality of education in our area and have now removed over 10 schools in the valley area.

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